Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love to learn

The Sea, the Storm, and the Mangrove Tangle
Lynne Cherry

Genre: Picture, children's
Pages: 40
Rating: ****

Lynne Cherry has a long list of environmental books for children.  The Sea, the Storm, and the Mangrove Tangle, follows the life of a mangrove seed from pod to mini ecosystem.  It shows the link between the mangroves and the animals that live within the branches and roots.  It also shows the protection the groves give during storms.

This book is beautiful in its story and illustrations.  The cover pages are have a beautiful map of the world locating the areas where mangroves grow.  It also illustrates the animals that survive because of the mangroves.  This book is a beautiful learning tool. 

I highly recommend it to parents and teachers alike.


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