For Writers and Publishers

This page is still under construction, as I learn the ropes.

I love free books.  If you are interested in a book giveaway or a review contact me through email,

I accept hardbacks and paperbacks.  I will accept a limited number of pdf formatted e-books.  I do not have an e-reader.
For giveaways please do not expect my reader's to like you on Facebook.  Following is cool.  I like no strings attached giveaways, it makes great publicity.

For reviews.  Reviews are my opinion and no one else's.  I am not paid to write pleasing reviews.  I'm not paid at all!   I read because I like to, and the reviews reflect my opinion.  If I read your book and hate it or can not finish it I will contact you.  I will not totally bash a book.  That's just mean.

I love a good mystery, especially cozy ones.  I also love suspense.  My second favorite is children's books, especially stories with smart girls and middle reader fantasy.  I don't read horror, I scare easily.  I also don't like books with a lot of 'bad language'.  I have a small children so I don't read books that will lead to awkward conversations (IE: erotica).

I haven't read a lot of sci-fi, but I am open to it.

In nonfiction I enjoy cookbooks, gardening, and craft books.

If you are not sure if I would like your book genre, just ask.