About Ratings...

***** Love it.
     Very few books fall in this category.  This is reserved for books like Lord of the Rings.  Not to say that the books I give ***** are in the same literary category as JRR Tolkien.  It just means the books gave me the same feeling as Rings.  This is a book I could not put down and would enjoy reading over and over. 

**** Nice Read.
   These books were very enjoyable.  I was caught up in the action.  I would actually write the authors name down and purposely look for more of their books.  I don't do that often.

*** Pretty Good
   These books are well written and I enjoyed them...mostly.  They didn't leave me with any real feeling about them, they just left me flat.  This may not be the author's fault.  The topic may not have been my cup of tea.

** Didn't finish
   I don't finish books for a number of reasons.  I find it offensive, too much language, children were mistreated in a way I don't want to read about, lack of interest, feel asleep, etc...  I have a rule.  If the book does not grab me by the second chapter, I don't finish it.  There are a lot of those!

*You Really Don't Want to Know
   On the rare occasion I come across a book I really don't like, it falls here.  I can think of a major bestseller that I read.  Everyone raved about it.  I hated it.  It would get a *.  I won't go into great detail about why I don't like it.  I'm not turning this into a book bashing site. Everyone has different tastes.