Sunday, February 26, 2012

House of Mouse...

Lots to do in Line
Meredith Lyn Pierce

genre-  nonfiction
pages- 268

I received this book from Good Reads- First reads.  The review is my personal opinion.
Lots To Do In Line Book CoverFirst, I must say I have never been to Disneyland.  I have been to Disney World, like 8 times.  I have used Hidden Mickey books and the like before and they are very helpful.
I liked this book for several reasons.  1- when you are stuck in line with kids you NEED something to do.  I like how this book gives you options of what to do in line.  You can look around the line at the wonderful "set" the Disney imagineers have come up with and answer multiple choice questions.  Another option is a scavenger hunt, and another option is looking for "collections".  All sound like fun.  I have two kids and they love to compete against each other.  Reason 2- I like learning more about Mickey and his world.  Disney World is stuffed full of hidden details, I imagine Disneyland is the same way.
Great Book- I only wish they had one for Disney World.


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