Wednesday, March 14, 2012

That didn't last long....

Well, that job didn't last long!  No, I wasn't fired.  Let's just wasn't the right place for me and leave it at that!  On with the review.

Fiber & Brimstone
Laura Childs

genre: cozy
series: Scrapbook Mystery
pages: 322, with recipes
favorite quote: "Why is there always a crazy person loose in the French Quarter?"  (seriously!)
rating: ***

OK... I bought this book because I thought it took place during Mardi Gras and I was going to read it during Mardi Gras.  It's not, it takes place at Halloween!  But it is set in New Orleans!  This is the first Scrapbook Mystery I have read, I have read most of the Tea Shop Mysteries, same writer.

Basically, Fiber & Brimstone follows Carmela as she tries to solve the murder of Brett Fowler.  Carmela owns a scrapbook shop.  Her best friend, and sidekick, Ava owns a voodoo shop in the French Quarter.  The two meet interesting characters and explain New Orleans lifestyle and history as they try to solve the murder before they become the next victim.

Fiber & Brimstone (A Scrapbooking Mystery)I liked Fiber & Brimstone, not as much as the Tea Shop Mysteries.  Mainly, I liked it because it is full of interesting characters, including the city of New Orleans.  Trust me it is a character in the book, and in real life.  I live near New Orleans and have been there many times, so reading about the places I have been is a lot of fun.  New Orleans is crazy year round, and it's insane during Mardi Gras, now Halloween is not far behind!  Back to the book.  The story is faced paced and well written.  The plot is good, especially since we have recently had ponzi schemes in the news. 

If you want a fun read centered in a crazy city, give it a read.  My only real problem was the typos.  There were quite a few in the edition I read and it got annoying.

Happy reading

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