Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Banned Book Week

Celebrate the First Amendment Read a Banned Book!

OK the book I am currently reading is not a banned book,  and I plan on finishing it before I read anything new.  But in light of this being Banned Book Week, I wanted to share some of my favorite banned books.  Some of these I read in high school...because they were banned.  Truly, if you want to get a kid to read tell them they can't!

Favorite Banned Books, in no order:

*The Color Purple -Yes it is a tragic tale, but it has a great ending.  It is beautifully written.
* Freedom Writers Diary- This is just a really great book.
*The Good Earth- I pick this book out from a deck of cards!  It was such a vivid book, I could not put it down.  Then when I finished I started researching who Pearl Buck was.  I'm not sure why they challenged this book.
*Grapes of Wrath- Epic.
*Harry Potter-  Oh come on. This series is responsible for getting millions of kids to read.
*Of Mice and Men- I cried.  Tragic tale.  Rich storytelling at it's best.
*To Kill a Mockingbird- A southern classic.  I fell in love with the family. 
*A Wrinkle in Time- Talk about an imagination!

This is only a short list.  Most banned books were banned because a small group of people had their feather's ruffled.  To celebrate banned book week I think I will read good 'ole Shel Silverstein to my kids tonight!

Happy Reading,

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