Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Afternoon World...

I don't know about you, but I love a trip to the library.  I have a stack of new choices sitting by my chair.  I have wondered how most people pick books.  Do they have a list of favorite authors they carry with them?  Do they hit the new release table? 

I don't do either.  I go row by row looking at the titles and genre labels.  ( I love the yellow tags) I know that's a terrible way to pick a book.  If I see one that interests me I pull it down, look at the cover, and then make a very snap decision.  Sometimes I will actually read the dust jacket, but not usually. 

So it is no surprise that I go home with a stack of 7-10 books.  Which I have no hope in finishing in the 3 week time allotted by the library.  Therefore, when I start a book, it has one maybe two chapters to keep me interested.  Otherwise I lay in the stack to be returned.  There are too many good books out there to get stuck in a bad book!  Sadly, I end up taking books back I didn't have time to read.  Everyone  knows you must get new books instead of rechecking out the unread books!  ;)

Current list of books to read:
1.  Murder with Peacocks
2.  Garden of Secrets Past
3.  Body Lines
4.  Tears of Pearl

This is the smallest my stack has been in weeks.  I might actually get to read all of them!

Happy Reading

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