Friday, December 16, 2011

Can You Keep A Secret???

The Christmas Scrapbook
Philip Gulley

Genre: fiction, Christmas novella, Faith
Pages: 89
Series: Harmony
Rating: ****
Favorite Quote: " And Sam's otherwise difficult day drew to a close in the warm embrace of his wife, whom he loved deeply, but seldom understood."

In case you were wondering I am reading Christmas books at the moment.  Most are very quick reads, which is good because I have quite a few in my TBR pile.  I sit in front of my twinkling, tinsel covered tree with a cup of hot tea and read sweet tales of Christmas.  HMMMMMM.  So relaxing.  OK there are a few that are not sweet, but those are for later.

The Christmas ScrapbookThe Christmas Scrapbook, is a very quick read.  It centers around a Quaker minister, Sam Gardner, as he attempts to make the greatest Christmas present ever  for his wife.  You guessed it a scrapbook.  He has 17 years of giving potholders to make up for.  He tires to keep it a secret, he started weeks in advance, but one thing after another happens and before you know it stories are circulating around town that Sam is deathly sick.  Small towns.

I loved this book.  Sam is a really down to earth minister with flaws, he has problems with his flock.  My favorite charachter is Frank the elderly secretary.  He tends to be blunt and can not keep a secret.  The small incidents that happen in this book are hysterical, they could only happen in a small town.  The charachters are genuine and real.  The writing is simple, meaning Gulley choses the right word without wasting time with extra glitter.  I really enjoyed it and plan on reading more about Harmony.  Sounds like a nice town.

- Caren

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kimba88 said...

I love Christmas themed books.this looks like a nice quick read..thanks for sharing it :)