Friday, December 2, 2011

A new cozy review...

The Lies That Bind
Kate Carlisle

Genre: Cozy mystery
Series: A Bibliophile Mystery
Pages: 271, not counting the dictionary and preview of the next book
Rating: ****

The Lies That Bind is centered around book collectors and restorers.  The protagonist is Brooklyn Wainwright a book restorer and teacher at the San Fransisco's Bay Area Book Arts (BABA).  She has a bad habit of being around when someone is killed.  And they are dropping like flies at BABA.  Brooklyn is aided by the British boyfriend and security hot shot, Derek Stone. 

The Lies That BindI really enjoyed The Lies That Bind.  Brooklyn and her motley crew of friends made the stuffy world of book collecting fun and entertaining.  Of course her friends aren't book collector's.  There are a pair of lesbian chain saw sculptors, an entire commune from the 60's led by Guru Bob, a mysterious hottie in black ready to save the day and steal from you at the same time, one bookbinder with a mouth like a sailor and dresses like a tramp, and a guy that lives in the basement of the museum and only says 'huh'.  The fact that the series is set in San Fransisco makes it work.  Beyond being interesting characters they are well developed.  The character of Derek Stone didn't sound British.  Usually, when I read a book with someone who is British, I can here the accent.  That didn't happen with Stone.  But then he wasn't my favorite character either.  My complaint is with the ending.  I was invested in the events and characters, I couldn't wait for the mystery to come to a head.  The story had moved along at a pleasant pace, building up with suspense and then the end kind of fell flat.  Yes, there was even a chick fight scene.  But, is was too quick and neat.  I felt a little let down at the conclusion.

Overall, even with the Wicca nonsense, I really enjoyed the book and would definitely read more in the series.  It's very well written, smart and fun.


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Bella said...

This one looks like fun. I have the first book in this series in my TBR to read. I will definitely have to get to it soon :)