Friday, April 20, 2012


Capitol Murder
Phillip Margolin

genre: suspense
pages: 344

I received a free uncorrected copy from a Goodreads giveaway.  The review is my own opinion.

Capitol Murder follows Dana Cutler and Brad Miller, along with a few others, as they try to solve cases involving the serial killer Clarence Little and a terrorist plot to blow up Fed ex field.  It's a tangled web of clues linking senators, terrorists, nd call girls.

I love mysteries.  I enjoy suspense and spy thrillers.  I do not like gore or brutality to women.  This book had both.  There were several times I thought about putting the book down and not finish it, but I kept reading.  The story would have been enthralling without the gore and brutality, I felt it was unnecessary.  I probably won't read another one of his books for that reason.

Capitol Murder by Phillip Margolin

- Caren

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kimba88 said...

if the gore is necessary then I don't mind it, but if just placed there for effect..i find it annoying. I am reading Eyes Of Justice , by Lis Wiehl and I think you would enjoy it. It might still be available as an arc from Booksneeze.