Thursday, April 5, 2012

With a Southern Drawl...

Carolyn Haines

genre: mystery, paranormal, southern, cozy
series: A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery, #8
pages: 325
rating: ****

Disclosure:  I am attending 'Daddy's Girl Weekend' and needed to read a book by Carolyn Haines.  She'll be there!

Wishbones, follows Sarah Booth Delaney as she makes her first movie (Body Heat).  She travels to Los Angeles and then to Costa Rica with past love interest Graf Milieu.  Things get tricky when a dead body shows up near her house in LA.  They get downright unusual with ghost sightings and accidents on the set.  Rumors fly the movie is cursed.  Can Sarah solve the mystery before she become a ghost?

This is my first Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery.  I've check one out several times before and never got around to reading them.  Had I know that Mrs. Haines was a neighbor (she's from Mississippi) I would have made it a point to read one.  Anyway, I'm usually not one for tales with ghosts, but Jitty is a hoot.  I really enjoyed the movie reference and the sprinkling of movie stars in the book.  It added an element of fun.  The writing is snappy and sounds southern.  I hate a fake southern voice, it's right up there with a bad southern accent.  The plot was faced paced and full of twists and turns.  I loved it.  I will have to read more of these books.

I do have one question:  What kind of dog is Sweetie Pie?
- Caren

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