Thursday, June 14, 2012

Better learn to follow directions...

The Monster's Ring
Bruce Coville
genre: middle readers, fantasy
series: A Magic Shop Book, book 1
pages: 100
rating: ****

I was about to start reading Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher, when I saw it was book 2 in a series.  So, of course, I looked for book 1 and checked them both out.  The Monster's Ring is book 1.  I will be returning to my dragon books shortly, don't worry.

The Monster's Ring is about Russell Crannaker.  A elementary student who is bullied by a bigger boy, smothered by his mother, and not listened to by his father.  Poor kid.  While escaping from the bully he wanders into a magic shop.  The shopkeeper sells him a ring, he didn't know he needed.  What follows is a tale of not  following directions and learning to stand up to a bully, as well as standing up for that same bully.  Of course Halloween, a full moon, and talking rats have a part to play.

I loved this book.  I loved that this boy stood up to a bully.  I loved that he had compassion to want to help the bully out when he needed it, and I loved that he learned to fly.  It's a fun, quick read.  There are plenty of parts kids would love.  Like turning in to a monster for the school Halloween party and pouncing at the principal, and the streaking scene at the end (pun intended, relax it's a clean book).  This probably a boy book, but I have a feeling girls will like it as well.  I plan on handing it to mine after I write this up.  She'll love it.

So grab some spooky music and some candy corn and read The Monster's Ring .  It's laugh out loud 
                                                                                  funny, I promise.


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