Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Children's Books Galore....

Farley Follows His Nose
Lynn Johnston

Farley Follows His Nose By Lynn Johnston, Beth Cruikshankgenre: picture book
pages: 32
rating: ***

Farley Follows His Nose is a picture books based on Farley from For Better for Worse.  It's about time!  Farley goes through the day, after his bath, chasing smells.  He goes across town and even gets lost before returning home.  During the day he helps a little find his way home.

It's a sweet book with artwork reminiscent of the comic strip.  I enjoyed following Farley following his nose.  It has some repetitive words for the enjoyment of little people.  Big bright colorful drawings.

When Stella was Very Very Small
Marie-Louise Gay

genre: picture book
pages: 32
series: Stella and Sam Series
When Stella was Very, Very Smallrating:***1/2
When Stella was Very Very Small follows little Stella as she learns about her world.  Her imagination transforms her world into amazing experiences.  In the end she grows up and begins teaching her very very small brother Sam all she has learned.

This is a sweet, yes I used that word again, book.  The artwork looks like watercolor.  I love the drawing of Stella this tiny little red-haired girl.  She is adorable. I love her vivid imagination and how she sees everything differently.  It's a great book for small kids.

Clara and Asha
Eric Rohmann

Cover illustration from Clara and Asha. Copyright Eric Rohmanngenre: picture book
rating: *****

Clara and Asha follows Clara through a dream like world with her friend Asha.  Asha's a giant fish.  But that doesn't stop the pair from having amazing adventures.

This is a true picture book.  Beautiful dreamlike artwork with few words.  It is a treat for the eyes.  I loved searching the pictures to find any hidden object.  Not that it has hidden objects.  It's just that the artwork is amazing and deserves searching.  Loved this book and will read it again before I take it back to the library.

Happy reading

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