Friday, June 8, 2012

Not Harry's Basilisk.....

The Basilisk's Lair
R. L. LaFevers

genre: children's fantasy, middle grade reader
series: Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist Book 2
pages: 150
rating: ***1/2

OK, technically a Basilisk isn't a dragon, but it is close enough.  When I saw the cover of this book in the library, I thought it looked cute.  I loved the title, too.  I couldn't find the first book, so I started with book 2.

The Basilisk's Lair, follows  Nathaniel Fludd as he learns to be a Beastologist.  His Aunt Phil is the current Beastologist.  They receive news that the Basilisk has escape and must chase him down and capture him before he destroys surrounding villages.

Nate is a fun character.  He has weaknesses, he's not real sure of his abilities, but when the chips are down you can count on him to pull through.  He has a pet gremlin named Greasle, who has an attitude.  The story is fast paced and descriptive.  The drawings are fun.  They look like pen and ink drawings and add to the adventure of the story.  I really like the bones that mark the beginning of each chapter, they increase as you read!  For those of us that need one, there is also a glossary to explain words, people, and places.

I must say, this is not the same sort of Basilisk from the Potter books.  This one is somewhat...ridiculous.
It's a great summer read and I look forward to reading the other books in the series.


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