Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Can I please have a dragon?

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
Bruce Coville

genre: children's fantasy, middle grade reader
pages: 151
series: A Magic Shop Book
rating: ****

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher is a story about a boy (Jeremy) who buys a dragon's egg and hatches.  Afterwards he must raise the dragon, who becomes his best friend, and eventually send the dragon home.

This is a great book, like The Monster's Ring, you have a protagonist who deals with bullys, parents, and teachers.  Jeremy must learn to care for his dragon, while protecting the family pests as she grows, and keeping her existence a secret.  It dosent' help that a girl in his class has made it her goal to track him down and kiss him!  Jeremy learns responsibility and sometimes doing what is best for someone else may not be the easiest thing for you to do.  HMMM....sounds like a parenting lesson there.

Anyway, it's a great summer read full of laughter and excitement and of course dragons.

- Caren


DMS said...

I have not read this one, but I have heard good things about it. It sounds like a fun fantasy and I am curious to read it!

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Leigh Ann said...

This looks like a really cute book! I'll have to check it out for my step son because I'm sure he would love it. I found you on Book Blogs and I am now your newest follower! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you'll stop by for a visit sometime when you get the chance. :)
Leigh Ann
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