Monday, November 21, 2011

It's about time...

Christopher  Paolini

genre: fantasy
series: Inheritance Cycle, book 4
pages: 857, including dictionary and pronunciation
rating: *****

I have been waiting for an eternity,or so it felt, for this book to come out.  It is the final book in the Inheritance Cycle.  It was well worth the wait.

If you have not read any books in the Inheritance Cycle, here's a brief review.  Inheritance is the final book in the series.  The first book was Eragon.  Basically, you have the world filled with the basic fantasy creatures: elves, humans, dragons, etc.  In Alagaesia, there was once a group of men, and elves, that rode dragons to ensure the peace of the land.  Then a rider destroyed the riders, killing them and their dragons.  Only the ones who swore allegiance to him, Galbatorix survived.  A few eggs were saved.  That's a brief history at the beginning of Eragon, thankfully the new book does a recap!  Anyway, one egg survives and Eragon becomes her rider.  Inheritance covers the final battle between the rebels (Varden) and the evil king Galbatorix.  Epic battle!  I'm trying not to get into all books or give away too much of the new book. 

Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle)Review: I found the beginning of the book a little jolting.  It starts in battle.  There is no time to gently get into the story, you thrown full force into the tale.  Once I had my bearings I was into it until the end.  All of the characters I fell in love with in the first book are here.  All of the questions I had were answered.  What's so great about this series is Paolini's ability to give vivid descriptions for totally foreign races and geography.  I've never been to Alagaesia, but I have seen it in my mind through his writing.  I also like that nothing is easy for Eragon.  He, as well as the rest of the Varden, have to struggle to win.  Even then the win comes at great losses.  I must admit I really expected someone to die.  But that is all I have to say about that.  It's a great book, well worth me actually buying a copy!


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