Friday, November 25, 2011

You are special

You are Special
By Max Lucado
Illustrated by Sergio Martinez

genre: Children's, picture book
series: Wemmicks
pages: 31 pages
rating: ****
quote: "You are special because I made you.  And I don't make mistakes"

You are Special is a simple, yet profound tale about a town of wooden puppets called Wemmicks.  The Wemmicks like to give stickers for good and bad.  This makes some Wemmicks feel less valuable because they don't get 'good' stickers.

You Are Special (Max Lucado's Wemmicks)I love this book.  I regret that my children might be too old to really enjoy it.  But I can still read it to them anyway!  The crux of the story is to ignore what others think.  What matters most is what God thinks.  Spend time daily with God and those that criticize you will not matter as much.  The story of the Wemmicks is a great analogy between us and God.  A wonderful, timeless story.


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