Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Return of the Wemmicks

Best of All
by Max Lucado
Illustrated by Sergio Martinez

genre: Children's picture book
series: Wemmicks
pages: 31
rating: ****

Best of AllThe little Wemmicks return in Best of All.  This time Max tackles prejudice.  A famous Wemmick visits the village.  Bess Stovall divides the village by the wood the Wemmicks are made from.  Maple is seen as the best wood.  Thus the town begins to treat each other differently based on their wood.

Another great moral from Max.  The point is, regardless of ancestry, God made you the way you are on purpose, and you are special.  In a world full of negative images, it's nice to have a positive book for children.


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Claudine G. said...

This is a wonderful theme! Children need to learn to set differences aside and cast prejudice out of their world.