Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer of the Dragon....

Obert Skye

genre: children's fantasy, middle readers
series: Pillage Trilogy
pages: 312
favorite quote: "I had fallen from vents, scaled buildings, and flown on the backs of dragons, yet somehow all of those things seemed a bit less amazing now."
rating: ****1/2

I went to the library, trying to avoid the summer rush of kids once school gets out.  I never made it to the adult section.  The children's section held my attention and when I left books filled my bag.  Oddly enough, most deal with dragons.  Except for one, it had dinosaurs- same thing.

Pillage, is book one in the Pillage Trilogy.  It's a short, fat book with a beautiful picture of a dragon carrying a postal box dripping with letters.  Anyway, the basic story is Beck, a teenage boy, is moved to his uncle's house after his mom dies penniless.  Beck has had a rough life and it only gets rougher...and odder.  He notices he has the ability to command plants and finds these odd rocks in his uncles garden.  A garden his has been forbidden to enter.  Through a strange turn of events and secret passageways, dragons hatch.  Beck must save the town and break an ancient family curse all at the same time.

book cover of 


 (Pillage Trilogy, book 1)


Obert SkyeI really enjoyed this book.  I loved how each chapter started with an excerpt from an ancient text describing the fate of Beck's ancestors.  It's a very quick read.  The pages magically fly by.  It's a lightweight fantasy, meaning it has magic, dragons, and curses but no epic worlds full of unusual creatures and languages.  It's a good first fantasy book.  The writing is crisp and witty.  Beck sounds and acts like a teenager.  The first chapter is brilliant!

A great summer read.


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Fairday Morrow said...

I have never read this one- but I love the cover. From the descrption it is a great book. I can see why you got held up at the children's section. :)