Thursday, October 20, 2011

Calling all Chocoholics

The Chocolate Cupid Killings
by JoAnna Carl                                                              Chocolate Cupid

genre: cozy mystery
series:  A Chocoholic Mystery
pages:  230
rating: ***

This is book 2 in my attempt at the Goodreads mini challenge for October.  The category was something sweet for Diabetes Awareness Month.  I must admit I am shocked that a mystery centred around chocolate has missed me.  I am a total chocoholic.  I love everything about chocolate.  It comes from a bean therefor it must be good for you.  So when I found the series I knew I had to read it.

The Chocolate Cupid Killings is about Lee and her Aunt Nettie, who owns an expensive chocolate shop.  Nettie has gotten herself into helping a woman in the battered women's underground railroad.  True to cozy fashion, everything, or everybody, is not what it seems.  Dead bodies start popping up, secrets start growing with in the family.  Lee must solve the crime and the identity of the mystery woman.

This was the first book by JoAnna Carl I had read.  I really enjoyed the story and the plot.  The characters were interesting, but not amazing.  I cared about what happened to them, but I don't know if I cared about who lived or died.   I did feel like the writing didn't flow as smoothly in some places, not that I'm an expert.   I really enjoyed the chocolate facts sprinkled throughout the book. 

All in all it was a good read.  I will read one more book in the series to see if I like it better.


toni d. said...

Looks and sounds yum! Though I must admit, after reading Terry Pratchett's Thief of Time, where chocolate featured heavily towards the end of the book, I had to gorge myself silly once I put the book down.

And I wonder why I weigh the way I do. *sigh*

Megan said...

Anything with chocolate in it makes me want to read it!

And I'm with Toni, I usually can't get through a book that features chocolate unless I'm eating it at the same time!

Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

kimba88 said...

This was a great, honest review. I am now following you. Please stop in for coffee and check out my reviews. Would love it if you decide to follow me.

ps. i found you on book blogs