Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Review

The Devil's Puzzle
by Clare O'Donohue

Series: Someday Quilts Mystery Book 4
Genre: Cozy, Mystery
Pages:  276
Rating: ****

Full Disclosure:  I was given a copy of this book by Plume.  This review is my own opinion.  I was not paid for this review.

  When I was given this copy, from Plume, I was thrilled.  I have read three of the Someday Quilts Mysteries and love them.  The Devil's Puzzle, does not disappoint.  Yet, there are quite a few differences between this book and the previous books.
  The same enjoyable characters are back to solve a murder.  Nell, her grandmother Elenor, Jesse, and the rest of the crime solving quilters return with a full cast of the town's movers and shakers.  All of the things a reader expects from an O'Donohue novel is here.  Great characters, vivid scenes, snappy dialogue, and quilt history, are woven through the story. 
   In Devil's Puzzle, the town of Archers Rest is faced with a skeleton, that's been buried in Elenor's backyard, for 30 years.  Questions and accusations fly as everyone tries to solve who the skeleton belongs to, and who put him there.  No one is safe.  Residents have old skeletons popping out of  every closet.  The investigation goes on while the town readies for a huge Founder's Day celebration.
   This book, more so than the others, has colorful characters.  There are suspicions of witches and ghosts.   There are rumors of affairs, engagements, and babies.   It is fast paced and fun to read.  Given the topic it is a great read for October.  If you don't like scary books, but want something with Halloween overtones, give it a shot.
   This is a series book, but they do not have to be read in order.  You can pick up anyone and read without fear of discovering the plot from an earlier book.  A few events in the character's lives will be spoiled, but that's about it.



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