Friday, October 7, 2011

Classic Revenge, a review

Classic Revenge
by Mitzi Kelly

Series:  Silver Sleuths Mystery
Genre:  cozy
Pages:  262
Rating:  ****

   I was asked by the author for a review.  The review is mine.  I was not required to give a positive review.  She sent me a copy of the book.
   I was approached by Mitzi to read her book and give a review, in preparation for her new book coming out.  I was thrilled.  It sounded like fun, and it was.
   Classic Revenge, is about three "older" women trying to solve the murder of one of their friends.  The husband is wrongly accused, forcing the three to seek out the true killer.
Book Cover: Classic Revenge, An Avalon Mystery, by Mitzi Kelly   Sounds good to me.  The start of the book was a little slow, but it quickly made up for it.  The characters are great fun.  They are well developed.  I swear I personally know some of these women.  Mitzi steered away from the clique of old ladies.  These women are capable, bright, and feisty.  They do bicker back and forth to some degree, but it is a hoot to read.
   The plot was smooth and fast paced, once it got started.  It was refreshing to get in on the start of a series.  To see how three people with no experience, unless you count being a nosy neighbor, trying to solve a crime.  The fact that they are elderly, only in age, helps.  Older people are seen as safe and are usually overlooked.  They can get away with things younger people can not.  Age has benefits.
   It was a very enjoyable read and I am looking forward to the next  book



Toyin O. said...

Sounds like a great read, thanks for sharing.

toni d. said...

Miss Marple x 3? Sounds cool :)