Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Again...

Kissing Christmas Goodbye
M.C. Beaton

Genre: Cozy mystery, British
Series:  Agatha Raisin
Pages: 234
Rating: ****

I promise this is the last Christmas book... for a while anyway.  It was sitting on my TBR pile and I had to read it.  Being an Agatha Raisin mystery it's not very Christmasy.

Cover of Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas Goodbye by M.C. BeatonKissing Christmas Goodbye, finds Agatha searching for another murderer.  This time she recruits a new, young detective named Toni to join her team.  Agatha receives a letter from an elderly lady that claims one of her children is trying to kill her.  Agatha is invited to a dinner party to meet the suspects when the unthinkable happens.  The old lady is killed.  Agatha and her team must find the killer, before Agatha is killed too.  All of this happens while she is planning the perfect Christmas dinner, again.

You have to love Agatha Raisin.  She's middle aged, chain smoking,  and cranky.  I won't tell you her favorite curse, but it's a hoot.  She's still chasing her ex husband and now she's jealous of the youth of Toni.  Agatha is flawed and perfect.  The great hing about these books is they actually seam real.  They are solved over months instead of a mere days.  It's a fun read.  Oh!  who knew you could own a village!  Can I have one.

Love it you gotta read it.

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