Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Fish Tale....

Coral Reefs
Jason Chin

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Pages: 40
Age: 5 and up
Rating: *****

I'm a sucker for a good picture book.  I try to pass it off on my kids.  I walk into the children's library, during the school day so I can actually look, and tell the librarian I 'm looking for something for my kids.  They know my girls so I  pretend that I could actually pick something out they would read.  The reality is they only read books they pick out, and I'm looking for a book for myself.  It could be worse. 
I am particularly attracted to picture books that are centered on the ocean or beach.  We live with in a few hours of an amazing beach, so I love the beach.  Therefore I enjoy books about the ocean.  That's what attracted me to Coral Reefs.  Actually, Coral Reefs, combines two of my favorite things.

Coral Reefs is a picture book about coral reefs.  It starts with a little girl looking through the book Coral Reefs in her library.  As she reads about reefs, and the animals that live there, a reef begins to form around her.  The book talks about the how reefs are formed and the animals that live there.  It mentions  life cycles and food webs, and in the back talks about how we can help save the reefs from pollution.

Coral ReefsCoral Reefs, is educational and beautiful.  The writing is crisp and to the point.  It delivers a eco-friendly message that is fact based.  The art work is breathtakingly beautiful.  Once the story is read, hours can be spent looking at the pictures and discovering new fish that were not seen the first time around.  The inside covers are covered with animal drawings and labeled.  So, if like me you find a fish you like, you can look on the inside cover to find what it is.  I don't know if all the fish are listed but a good many are. 

Bottom line:  It's a beautiful book to read and share with a child....or a grownup.


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