Monday, January 30, 2012

Move over Indiana...

The Explorer's Code
Kitty Pilgrim

genre:  suspense, thriller
pages:  358
rating: ****

The Explorer's Code is a suspense/thriller that follows Cordelia Stapelton and archeologist John Sinclair cross the globe in search of a land deed left to Cordelia.  Of course, religious zealots and the Russian mob also want the deed and are willing to kill anyone that steps in their way.

The Explorer's CodeSounds cool huh.  Well, it is.  At first the narative was a little dry and unemotional.  It took a while to get past that.  I also felt lke Sinclair was patronizing, instead of concerned.  These were the only problems I had with the book.

The plot was well written and fast paced.  There was more than one time I wondered how our heros were going to get out of a mess.  Each time the pair found a clue to the location of the deed, the Russians were on their tail.  I didn't know who was a good guy and who was a villian.  Spy's aren't very trustworthy!  The locations were amazing,  London, Monaco, Turkey, and Norway, and the amount of research must have been enormous. I really enjoyed the sections on the Flu Pandemic of 1918 and wish the author had spent more time on that.   It has an element of armchair traveling, I'm sure I will never make it to Ephesus.

The Explorer's Code, has a little of everything: spy's, arctic exploration, desiese, archeology, subnmarines, supermodels, family secrets and tragedy's.  358 pages full of excitment.


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