Sunday, January 15, 2012

Positive Thinking...

Ann's Amazing Adventure
by Jeanetta Brancaccio
Illustrated by Sara Petrous
Edited by Anne Christiano

genre: Picture book
pages: 52
ages: 8-12
rating: ***1/2

I received this book from the author.  This is an honest review with my personal opinion of the book.

First off I have recently received several self published books and have been impressed by their quality.  Kudos to those that self publish.  Secondly, I get a kick out of the nice bookmarks that go with the books.  This one came with a silly band attached to the bookmark.  My kids ran off with that as soon as they saw it!

Book Cover - Ann's Amazing Adventure
Ann's Amazing Adventure, is a story about a doll named Ann who is loved by a little girl.  On a trip Ann falls out of the car and gets left behind.  She is quickly found by a dog and another little girl.  Ann learns how to adapt to the differences of her previous life and her new life.  She wants more than anything to return to her her first little girl.  Amazing things happen at the end...

This is a sweet little story.  The pictures remind me of paper dolls.  I liked the story.  It has a very positive message.  Always have hope and stay positive.  Ann has to adapt to the loss of her little girl and then finding a new little girl, but her life is different than what she had.  Change is constant and Ann shows a positive image of dealing with change.

I did find the story a little long and simplistic.  That said my girls, age 7 and 9, loved the book and have read it several times.


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Barbara Fisher March House Books said...

I love the artwork on the cover. Sounds like a very sweet story.